Missional Academy

Training Christian leaders to influence the mountains of society! Do you have a passion to impact the world for Christ? Do you want to discover your mission and fulfill your God given destiny? Then the Mission Academy is your online hub for training and coaching in practical leadership and missional strategies that will help you make a difference for the gospel in the world!

Discovering and Activating God’s call for your life "Activating Your Call":

The lessons on "Activating Your Call" challenged me to begin a journey of discovery; it pushed me to seek truth, step out in faith, and try something new. There were many thought-provoking moments which lead to the creation of a mission statement and the lesson gave guidance to create a strategic plan as well as consider priorities for the next three to five years. I believe this lesson was critical to my personal journey in activating my call, as I have now started a blog in hopes to create my own written work one day. There was so much valuable knowledge these few sentences could not contain it all. I recommend any and every one should take the opportunity to learn how to begin, believe and become who God has called them to be.

Thank You!

- Amanda, Missional Academy Student